Learn Fast Spoken “Jungle” English and Understand Native British Speakers With Ease in 30 days!

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There is NO OTHER course on the market that breaks down fast spoken English and teaches you HOW to understand it!

The best thing is that you don’t need to go to a classroom or change your work schedule to attend classes. You can easily do the course from the comfort of your own home - you make the rules!


You have studied English for many years but…

  • You can understand foreigners speaking English but you have difficulty understanding native British speakers (especially on the phone and in noisy places)
  • You still need subtitles when watching shows on Netflix 
  • You sometimes don’t understand something on Netflix, then you switch on the subtitles and think “ah… I knew that word, why didn’t I understand it when he said it?!” 
  • Native speakers have difficulty understanding what you say and ask you to repeat 
  • Your English level has remained the same for years and you have not been able to “master” the language 



A Step by Step Course That Breaks Down Fast Spoken “Jungle” English Into Something Simple and Learnable That Will Take Your Listening Skills To A Native Level In Just 30 days!

Here’s what happens when you can understand EVERY WORD native speakers say:


You finally master English

so you can start to show people the intelligent person you are in your native language…
the REAL you!


English is no longer a barrier

in a professional environment, as you will no longer fear interviews and meeting so you can unlock new career opportunities.


You break free of the frustration

of not being able to participate in English conversations over dinner or drinks, and finally relax and enjoy your social life.


You no longer worry about being misunderstood

when speaking, as you’ll be able to pronounce all sounds clearly! 


You'll say goodbye to subtitles

 when watching a film in English, so instead of reading subtitles for 2 hours you will be able to relax and enjoy the movie.


You free yourself from thinking

about grammar rules that stop you from speaking, as you’ll start copying the speech patterns of native speakers and start speaking naturally!


Because I’ve helped hundreds of students like you become more confident in English by helping them understand native speakers!

  • I have been teaching English since 2010, I have taught in some of the best English schools, multi-million financial institutions and various different universities. 
  • I run a learning English Podcast that has been downloaded nearly 2 million times and I have created a community with more than 12,000 members. 
  • I’ve helped people like you improve their English through listening to pass exams, enter top universities, move country and enhance their careers!
  •  I have studied with the world’s greatest English teachers at the BEST English teaching institutions and read all the latest research about how to understand native speakers when they speak English!




Discover the Secret of Listening through Mastering the 44 Sounds of English

  • Bring speech from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind by learning the MOVEMENTS that create the sounds of English and train your ears to look for SOUNDS and NOT words which makes understanding a million times easier! 


Distinguish Sounds to Avoid Miscommunication in Speaking and Listening

  • Learn to distinguish sounds so that you are able to organise and understand speech quickly in your head during conversations when listening and NEVER be misunderstood again when speaking!


Revolutionise your Speaking and Listening through Word Stress & Syllables

  • Learn word stress and syllables to move away from monotone speaking and learn how to speak and understand English through the MUSIC and RHYTHM of the language!


Master connected speech through rocking and rhyming poems

  • Learn theory of connected speech through entertaining poems to understand how words change in fast spoken English so you can speak and understand in a much more fluid and natural way!


Re-train The Way You Hear English by Transcribing FAST Spoken Jungle English

  • Here you put everything that you have learned in the previous modules together and TRANSCRIBE fast spoken English by native speakers. Just remember, you will only be able to SPEAK fluently when you can LISTEN fluently and understand EVERY word of fast English!


"Not only did my understanding improve, but now native speakers also understand me better and this has really helped my day-to-day life in the UK”

Jose from Spain
Lives In The UK

“The course effectively trained my ears to understand the small details of pronunciation, tone and accents.

I can now understand native speakers in social situations, at work and I even now watch English films without subtitles!" 

Andriy from Ukraine
Lives in the UK

 "I can now understand native speakers at work much easier and this has made a big difference

Alex from Russia
Lives in the UK


Direct Feedback from Martin Using the “Speaking for Listening” Technique

At the end of EVERY lesson, you will verbally copy native speaker English and record yourself speaking using our easy-to-use software. Why? Because when you can SAY it, you can HEAR it! Your voice recordings will be PERSONALLY reviewed by Martin who will provide direct feedback every 2 weeks in the interactive Live Session.

Bi-weekly Live Sessions
with Martin

Join Martin every 2 weeks where he will not only offer invaluable feedback on your voice recordings but also provide guidance and support to fellow course participants. Learn from others' experiences and gain exclusive insights directly from Martin himself!

Access to the Exclusive
Jungle English Podcast

This podcast is NOT available to the public, but you will receive access to it during the course. It is a podcast that contains the audio recordings from the course, so that you don’t need to be in front of your computer to follow the course, you can learn on the go whilst driving, at the gym doing the washing up or wherever you are!

Access to the Jungle
Listening Community

Don't take this transformative journey alone! Interact with a vibrant community of like-minded learners from around the globe. Ask questions, receive expert answers directly from Martin, and share your progress with fellow participants. Together, we'll create an encouraging environment that keeps you motivated to obtainy listening mastery.

PDFs and

Lifetime access to our carefully created Jungle Listening lesson PDF summaries. This invaluable resource will be your trusted companion long after the course ends, so that you never forget anything studied on the course!


How much does the course cost?

The price of the course is currently just £197.

The main objective of the course is for you to understand Jungle English, but once you do, you will notice your speaking improve DRAMATICALLY, as you will be clearer on grammar rules as you will be able to hear EVERY word when listening then you will naturally reproduce this.

Furthermore, using the “speaking for listening” function of the course and learning all the sounds of English correctly, your pronunciation will improve A LOT and you will speak with much more clarity, so it will be much easier for people to understand you by the end of the course.

To understand the videos and course content, you will need a B1 level of English. In simple terms… a low intermediate level (if you can understand the podcast and everything written on this page, your English level is perfect for the course).

No, this is something you will learn on the course naturally, it’s really very simple and you will be a master of it by the end of the course!

The course includes 6 months access to the video and audio training, direct feedback from Martin to make sure you have mastered the key concepts and access to the Jungle Listening community where you can ask questions and get further guidance and support.

Access to the materials is limited to 6 months to give you more than enough time to complete everything, but at the same time, there is a 6 month limit to motivate you to complete the materials. However, there will the option to renew your access to the course and community.

No, there are no additional costs to your 6 month access to the course and community.

In case you missed it, here’s what you’ll get:

> 6 month digital course to study at your own speed with on demand videos that break down fast spoken “Jungle” English into small and simple steps.

> Direct feedback from Martin to make sure you have mastered all key concepts so that you can understand native speakers with ease.

> Community providing you the possibility to ask questions (also to Martin), resources, knowledge sharing and accountability.

"The decoding speech part really helped me and I can now understand native speakers!"

Daisy from Taiwan

"This course was a real eye-opener for me, as I learned so many things that I didn't know such as how sounds change in fast speech."

Tomo from Japan

"It over achieved my expectations because it changed my approach to listening to English but also in the way I speak"  

Valentina from Italy

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