The NO-STUDY British English Vocabulary


No Books. No Lists. No Stress. Just a Carefully Structured Vocabulary Course Delivered Through a Podcast That Allows You To MASTER Advanced British Vocabulary & Slang WITHOUT Studying!


This is the only vocabulary "course" that you'll ever do where you are GUARANTEED to learn more than 500 pieces of new vocabulary WITHOUT studying! 

Watch the video below to see how it works!



You have studied English for many years but…

  • Your vocabulary is still limited
  • You can't express yourself as you would like to as you are missing that word
  • You feel like your vocabulary is stopping you from showing people your true self and how intelligent you really are
  • You would like to use more colourful language to make people laugh 
  • Your colleagues sometimes make jokes with slang expressions and you have to pretend you understand


The NO-STUDY British English Vocabulary


A Step by Step Course Podcast and Video Course That Introduces Advanced British Vocabulary and Slang Every Week And Uses Spaced Out Repetition So That You NEVER Forget the Vocabulary!

Here’s what happens when you can SIGNIFICANTLY


You no longer feel "blocked"

when speaking as you have lots more "tools" available to you!


You become funnier

as using slang correctly in the perfect context ALWAYS makes people laugh!


You understand much better

as when you hear a word you don't understand, you go into "panic mode!" But that


You can finally show your intelligence

as you are FINALLY able to express yourself freely so you can show peo


You integrate better

with friends and colleagues in the UK, as if you use the language that they use, you'll soon notice that you build better connections with them!


You free yourself from thinking

about that specific word that you would like to use. You know when you're talking and then you say "at what's the word?!"


Because I’ve helped hundreds of students like you become more confident in English by helping them understand native speakers!

  • I have been teaching English since 2010, I have taught in some of the best English schools, multi-million financial institutions and various different universities. 
  • I run a learning English Podcast that has been downloaded nearly 2 million times and I have created a community with more than 12,000 members. 
  • I’ve helped people like you improve their English vocabulary to pass exams, enter top universities, move country and enhance their careers!
  •  I have studied with the world’s greatest English teachers at the BEST English teaching institutions and read all the latest research about how to memorise vocabulary the natural way!




This masterclass is "dripped" content, this means you do NOT receive all the content on Day 1 because that would be too stressful.

The course is delivered through a podcast (all links to videos / flashcards are in the podcast)

So from the day you buy the course, each week will look like this:

Week 1 - Day 1

Entertaining Vocabulary Presentation

  • Never look for vocabulary again or worry about boring dictionary definitions, all the vocabulary is presented in a short and entertaining podcast (that also can be watched in video format) so you can watch / listen on your phone!

Week 1 - Day 3

Create new neuro-connections in your brain by listening to the new vocabulary in real life stories 

  • Hearing the new vocabulary that you saw 2 days ago will create connections between neutrons in your brain which means that the process to move these new terms in your long term memory is now starting... without doing anything except listening!

Week 1 - Day 5

Consolidate the new vocabulary as you hear it for the 3rd time in a week in a new story context

  • After your brain has a little rest then hears ALL the vocabulary again in a totally NEW new story context, it will start to say "hey, I remember this word!" and congratulations as you are now learning vocabulary the natural way!

Week 2 - Day 1

The weekly process starts again but now the old vocabulary is constantly recycled so that you never forget it 

  • Start the new week with 10 new pieces of vocabulary and the learning cycle starts again, just that now ALL old vocabulary is constantly re-used during the 52 weeks, so that you hear this advanced vocabulary so often that it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to forget! 



Made For You Flashcards

Just in case you want to study 😉

Made for you flashcards that use the photos from the video that you will receive at the start of the week, so you can associate the new term with an image and the context in which you heard it... but remember, these are NOT essential, they just help and they're also lots of fun!


Access to The No-Study Vocabulary Community!

Use the vocabulary in YOUR personal examples and ask any question that you want!

In the rare occasion that you don't understand a piece of vocabulary, you can ask for clarification from Martin in The NO-STUDY Vocab Community! And if that's not enough, you can also make personal examples using the vocabulary in the community!


How much does the course cost?

The price of the course is currently just £197.

You will receive one video (which can also be consumed as a podcast) and 2 podcasts per week, each of these will be under 10 minutes. So you can listen whilst you walk to work and do the washing up!

To understand the videos and course content, you will need a B1 level of English. In simple terms… a low intermediate level (if you can understand the podcast and everything written on this page, your English level is perfect for the course).

No. If you receive all the podcasts immediately, it will seem like too much work, so you will receive the podcasts on gradually. You will receive 3 new podcasts a week (each podcast under 10 minutes long) for 52 weeks.

Spaced out repetition is a method of reviewing materials after a short amount of time. If I tell you a new piece of vocabulary once, you will forget it after a few days. However, if you see that piece of vocabulary constantly repeated for one year, you will DEFINITELY remember it.

No problem! You have access to the materials FOREVER, so when you are ready, just listen to the materials. Obviously you need to listen to them in order, so Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc. If you can do that, you'll be fine!

Absolutely no! All the vocabulary has been taken from previous episodes of the podcast, but it's NOT necessary to have listened to even one episode of the podcast, as all vocabulary is presented in a clear and simple context.

Absolutely no! All the vocabulary has been taken from previous episodes of the podcast, but it's NOT necessary to have listened to even one episode of the podcast, as all vocabulary is presented in a clear and simple context.

Absolutely YES! When you started learning English, you probably didn't need to study the word "and", you just remembered it. This is because it's a REALLY common word! This course transforms "not common words" into "very common words" through repetition, so you will absolutely remember all the new words without studying!

No. These are just extras that will help, but they are not necessary. The video will be inside the first podcast of the week and it will be the same as the podcast version, just with more images. But if you don't have time to watch the video, as you want to listen whilst you're at the gym, that's totally fine!

In case you missed it, here’s what you’ll get:

> A 52 Week Course Delivered to your via Podcasts on your phone, so you don't need time to study and you won't need to open up a software programme and insert a username and password every time you want to "study"

> 3 short 10-minute-podcasts a week, the first podcast will introduce the vocabulary (this podcast can also be consumed as a video, you will find the link to the video in the podcast description), then the next 2 podcasts of the week will review the vocabulary so it sticks in your mind!

> Constant revision of all the vocabulary, as all new vocabulary is constantly repeated during the 52 weeks so that you hear it so often it becomes natural to remember it all!

> Flashcards every week just in case you would like to "study", remember you can simply look at the flashcards at breakfast once a week and that would be enough!

> Community providing you the possibility to share examples of YOU using the vocabulary and the possibility to ask Martin questions if any of the vocabulary is not clear to you

> Lifetime access to all of the course materials, so if you ever want to re-visit anything in the future, then you can!

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