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To Be A Fluent SPEAKER, You Need To Be A Fluent LISTENER!


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Listening to hilarious conversations every day is great and these episodes have something extra in comparison to the normal ones.


Listening to podcasts increases my self-confidence when speaking English. If I listen to someone who speaks English every day, my brain starts thinking in English too.    


It's great listening to something I love every day.



How do I access the podcasts?

When you buy the package, you will be re-directed to a new page where you will find all the instructions.

Basically, you need to click on a link, then it will give you access to the secret podcasts.

Obviously it's still the same RnR English vibe, but you will find these podcasts are a LOT more personal, meaning I talk about many personal things. Some are things that I simply don't want other people to hear (not safe for the public) and others are things that I don't feel comfortable sharing in public, as maybe there are a bit TOO personal.

Remember, it's NOT important to understand EVERY word, but if you can understand / follow the normal RnR English Podcasts, you'll have no problem at all with these.

Yes. So for example, if you buy the 500 podcast package, you'll have 500 new podcasts available to you immediately.

In case you missed it, here’s the deal:

There are 3 Podcast Power Packs available to you:

> 100 RnR Family Episodes with Transcripts for £75

> 250 RnR Family Episodes with Transcripts for £125

> 500 RnR Family Episodes with Transcripts for £197

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