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Hi! I’m Martin!

I am an English Teacher that hates text books and normal learning methods.

Normal is boring.  I can help you maintain and improve your English by telling you that I am scared of dogs and that I don’t know how many kisses to give people when I say hello.  
I can help you learn English via real life embarrassing stories and not through scripted audio texts spoken by actors.  

I think you are very similar to me. I believe the only thing that is different is that you have a different story to me.  

I have connected with thousands of students with my stories.  

I can also help you connect with people in English by sharing your stories.


RnR English

Improve your conversational English by listening to real life stories

Become a Rock ‘n’ Roller (listener) and improve your English by listening to me and my lifelong friends telling embarrassing stories about each other.

By listening to the podcast and becoming a Rock n Roller, you will:

  • be engaged in the stories
  • learn advanced English vocabulary
  • hear the real English you hear spoken on the streets
  • have access to more than 200 Episodes
  • start thinking in English as your brain will be immersed in the language.
  • listen to real conversations between real friends

…… and lots more!

What the listeners say:

"Absolutely hilarious, can't get enough"

Rock n’ Roll English is not only a funny podcast with superb storytelling and British humour, even more than that it is absolutely hilarious. I have listened to every single episode and can’t still get enough. So stay motivated spreading your stories out to the world and keep on rockin’!

Jurgen from Germany

"Finally got the IELTS score I dreamed about!"

 I can say without any doubt that this is the best English podcast in the world. About a year ago I tried to get a band 7 score for each skill in the IELTS exam but… I failed.. more than once. Luckily I found Rock n Roll English, listened to more than 100 episodes, and got the score which I needed!

 Alex from Poland

"You don't even realise you are learning!"

This pod is simply amazing! Before I discovered it I’d only found boring podcasts and boring teaching methods, until this one!! I LOVE IT! The best, interesting and fun topics, the ALLRIGHT & GREAT guests, the super effective focus on the English vocab! You don’t even realise you are learning!!!  

Roxi from Romania


RnR English Family

Become a part of the podcast

I believe that we learn foreign languages to connect with people and there is no better way to connect with someone than exchanging embarrassing stories.  

People do not bond over perfect lives. Perfect lives create barriers. I share my embarrassing stories on the podcast, but by becoming part of the RnR English Family, you get the opportunity to share yours.

Join an international community of English learners where you:

  • share your stories and get feedback on them
  • become an active part of the podcast
  • will participate in Facebook Lives with me every month
  • get access to more than 600 episodes all with transcripts
  • will do 2 monthly online lessons a month with me
  • don’t ‘study’ English, but you simply enjoy it and improve

Bonus: Record a podcast with me every 3 months.

What the members say:

It is not a passive experience as it was when I was just a listener, we can participate and interact with Martin.

 Martin gives us feedback on our mistakes and compliments when we get things right!  

Leticia from Brazil

Martin finds something funny in every situation, that’s why it’s easy to follow his lessons, whereas many lessons by “big teachers” are so boring.

Fabrizio from Italy

Recording a podcast with Martin was a big challenge for me but it improved my self-confidence.

I also improve my knowledge in the grammar workshops and they are not boring!

Kasia from Poland

You become a co-creator of the content.  

You will be able to enjoy exclusive podcasts, Facebook Lives, lessons and lots more.

Tania from Ukraine


English on the Toilet

Improve your English while sitting on the toilet

Prefer reading?

No problem!  

Check out my e-book filled with crazy, ridiculous. embarrassing stories.  

The stories are nice and short so that you can even read them when you’re on the toilet doing your business!  

Some examples of the stories you will find:

  • Getting arrested for some pasta
  • Arguing with a shop assistant about Disney Princesses
  • Asking a taxi driver to take me to a nightclub and finding myself at a sex show 

…… and lots more!

Then when you finish the story, read the “RnR Vocabulary” and “RnR Grammar” points for a quick explanation of all the complex grammar and vocabulary in the story!

What the readers say:

"Definitely worth much more than the price you pay"

This is really a perfect book for learners of English! Each story is short and very easy to read, and at the end of each story the author explains the vocabularies and the grammers used in the story. Sometimes it was thrilling, sometimes heart-warming, and throughout the book it was so hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. This book is definitely worth much more than the price you pay. I think the author is a genius.

Sayaka from Japan

Seen me before?

Discover ways you can maintain and improve your English by exchanging real life crazy stories and without having to study.