Episode 275 - Two Old Friends Chatting Under a Tree

A special episode today as the Hellraiser and I had a lovely chat in our hometown under a tree whilst Baby RnR was (kind of) sleeping. So you get to listen to my Podcast Parenting 👨‍👧, seeing the Pope Mobile, The Hellraiser's new hygiene regime 🧼, Uncle Hellraiser who meets Baby RnR for the first time 👶 (and she also "speaks" on the podcast for the first time).... a lot of firsts today! Get your headphones on, relax and just keeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Keep an eye out for this RnR Vocab today:

  • Spur of the moment
  • Heatwave
  • Let myself go
  • You’re looking pretty dishevelled
  • I’m streets ahead
  • In person podcast
  • Let’s just even things out
  • Running on glass and nails to save my daughter
  • He was quite shaken up by this experience

RnR Grammar

In today's episode, I said "I pushed the pram around hoping Baby RnR WOULD fall asleep".

Notice I said "would" and NOT "would have". This is because I was using the "future in the past".

As at that time I said "I hope she WILL fall asleep", so as I was talking about this as it was a past event, I change "will" to "would".

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