283 - Room 101 with The British English Podcast

RnR English becomes a gameshow today as I talk with Charlie from The British English Podcast about banning things from the world (putting them in Room 101). We also talk about letting fun flow, cycling whilst drunk, sob stories and lots more! So get on the headphones, sit back and keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Keep an eye out for this RnR Vocab in today's episode and listen to the end of the episode for an explanation:

  • My role is to play devil’s advocate 
  • Big things like birthdays, fair enough
  • I’m totally with you
  • One-man bender
  • I kept myself to myself
  • She pulled me up on it (about the garlic bread)
  • A dash / a sprinkle
  • I haven’t watched this show in donkey’s years
  • There would always be the sob story
  • The sob story and music go hand in hand
  • Canned laughter on TV shows
  • Luckily it is dated now
  • They’re cut from the same cloth
  • I couldn’t give a monkey’s about your stupid dream

RnR Grammar:

Some simple preposition stuff today, notice Charlie said "she pulled me up ON it". Remember that to "know" a word, means you ALSO know the grammar surrounding it!

How to Find Charlie:

Check out Charlie and his wonderful podcast HERE. If you are a fan of RnR English, you will love the British English Podcast as it's a very similar vibe!

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