285 - World Cup Stories and Memories

Don't worry if you're not a football fan, as we don't go into any detail, but instead talk about how England will now need to sing "God Save the King" before the match 😲, tops off after matches 🔞, beers at 6.30am 😲 and lots more! So get the headphones on and just keeeeeeeeep on ROCKin'! 👊

    • I think, in hindsight, that’s where I went wrong
    • My brain can’t grasp the concept of the different time
    • My brain is just all over the place
    • Detailed look is a bit misleading
    • Haven’t got into the world cup frame of mind yet
    • It only dawned on me in the last few days
    • I can see that going out the window if England score
    • I’ll neck 5 pints, get in a punch up
    • CC got a bit carried away (and became aggressive towards a Swedish fan)
    • To spend a bit of QT with some friends
    • I know bugger all about politics
    • It gives you more ammo to dislike the monarchy
    • We were 17 coming up 18
    • Football and beer go hand in hand
    • I tried to keep myself to myself
    • I couldn’t help myself
    • Tops off were more of a thing
    • I had to get some money out
    • A car hit their horn
    • I’ll have a bit of that

    RnR Grammar:

    In today's episode we had the term "you can spend a bit of QT with friends", this obviously means "quality time". We have many of these acronyms in English, such as "asap" (as soon as possible), "aka" (also known as), "DOB" (date of birth), "TBC" (to be confirmed) and many more, so keep an eye out for them!

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