288 - Christmas Memories with My Brother

Christmas is family time, so I talk to my brother (Retro Rob) about memories from Christmas when we were children. We also talk about sharing a room, hitting each other in the head, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and lots more! So get the headphones on and keeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊

    • Not my strong suit
    • My ears are burning
    • It’s called sod’s law
    • My understanding soared through the roof
    • Boot fairs
    • Toys and Christmas go hand in hand
    • Control pad
    • You were taunting me
    • Rubbing your face in it
    • Crying my eyes out
    • Bunk beds
    • I don’t know how I got the short straw
    • We opened stockings later
    • I’ve not watched it to date

    RnR Grammar:

    Just a reminder of some Present Perfect today when my brother says "I've not watched it (the Queen's Speech) to date". Notice we use the Present Perfect here as the action of "not watching it" is still in progress.

    But let's say he watches it this year and I ask him the same question in a few weeks, he would change his answer to "I HADN'T watched it until last week".

    A nice demonstration of the difference between Present Perfect (I have...) and Past Perfect (I hadn't).

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