290 - Glasses, Hooks and Sprays Down Your Pants

We are back for the first TRULY RnR Pod of the year where we discuss glasses, eyes and all that stuff. A seemingly boring topic, but we have LOTS of great stories that involve hooks behind your ears, putting stuff down your pants, chips in eyes and lots more! So get comfy, put your headphones on and keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby!

Keep an eye out for the following RnR Vocab in today's episode....

  • Back by popular demand
  • You were a hit at the meet up
  • Quite the wordsmith
  • I thought I could hold it together when drunk
  • SERIOUSLY drunk
  • Looks are deceiving
  • Double down on it! (have another child) – strengthen your commitment
  • Squint
  • I’ve seen you do that many a time
  • Obviously real highbrow stuff
  • That’s fallen off a cliff
  • They fog up
  • Very few and far between
  • You have bastardised the story
  • You’re a hazard
  • It’s engrained into you, it’s second nature, if you’re falling asleep, take them off
  • Getting the lenses smudged
  • I treated myself to some Rayban sunglasses, this cost a pretty penny
  • You’re haggling with the price
  • Like a fish out of water

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