292 - A Bit of This and That

A simple game with The Hellraiser where we also talk about everything and nothing such as how my life is terrible, getting life insurance, drinking for free and much more! So get the headphones on, relax and just keeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Keep an eye out for the following RnR Vocab in today's episode....

    • I’m a little uneasy because of your poor internet connection
    • I was sure that you had lost that t-shirt
    • This podcast is dope
    • It’s like the elephant in the room (talking about how rubbish my life is)
    • Sweaty limp hands
    • The whole day is building up to the pageantry
    • It’s gone a bit sour (talking about favourite meal)
    • I’ll fill my boots (with free drinks)
    • Some parties I went to it was no holds barred, it was a free for all
    • Turn off the motorway, get in the bus lane and see it out
    • They crashed into the car and had written it off
    • She got the vibe from you that you were not far off it (death)
    • If I start paying for this, am I tempting fate?

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