293 - The Story of Baby RnR No. 2

You know I love a story, so what better story to share with you than the birth of Baby RnR No. 2! He arrived safely in the world and you can find out exactly how, plus all of the RnR stuff that happened throughout the day! So get your headphones on and just keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Keep an eye out for the following RnR Vocab in today's episode....

      • You don’t sleep a wink
      • Tossing and turning in bed
      • I gotcha
      • You’re just twiddling your thums
      • You’re looking pale
      • They take you into theatre
      • They called me into theatre
      • We put on the music to drown out the other sounds
      • Just to keep the momentum
      • Sometimes I put a flannel on the gun

RnR Grammar:

In today's episode, when SS wanted to say "I understand", she said "I gotcha", which is "I got you", but something very interesting is that when a word finishes with /t/ and the next word begins with /j/ (like "you"), we often get a "ch" sound, so that's why we get "I gotcha!"

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