294 - The Exciting Things in Life

Life is not so exciting for me at the moment, so I need to look for thrills in the small things in life, so that's exactly what we do today! Have you ever woken up at 2.30am and thought "wow, still 5 more hours before I need to wake up!" If yes, then this is the pod for you! So get the headphones on, sit back, relax and just keeeeeeeep on ROCKIN', baby! 👊

Keep an eye out for the following RnR Vocab in today's episode....

  • This is a plea to everyone to please leave a review
  • The research is a bit of thorough this time
  • Working from home takes the edge off
  • We were in the office day in day out
  • Make some small talk with yourself
  • I’m going to throw in a caveat
  • If you wake up at 7.00 you’ve got your 8 hours and you can crack on with the day
  • Really sound financial advice
  • I on the other hand have a cracking spreadsheet
  • Outgoings
  • You spent quite a chunk of your day creating pictures of us in Paint
  • In the end, it paid off (using Microsoft Paint)
  • I’m happy as Larry to talk to people
  • Did you take out the insurance?
  • When the light is amber
  • That is living life on the edge
  • I’m a stickler for the rules
  • I was just trying to fit in, to blend in
  • There was not a car in sight
  • Literally got pulled over by the police
  • Just got a talking to
  • I’m an absolute hazard on the road here
  • You had to fight fire with fire
  • I was always on the front foot
  • It hasn’t gone down well in the UK
  • Are you doing it just for the kick?
  • A taxi is going to cost nigh on £100

RnR Grammar:

In today's episode, I used some lovely 3rd conditional when I said "if someone had said to me 10 years ago, "you'll be working at home every day", I would have said "that's a dream!"

So as we can see, we use this structure to talk about hypothetical actions in the PAST and we used HAD + PAST PARTICIPLE to represent this. Then for the second part, we use WOULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE.

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