297 - How Disgusting Are You?

I never thought I was disgusting until Baby RnR No. 2 arrived and now a shower seems to be a real luxury, so we look deep into this and discuss other important questions such as "if you drop something in the toilet, do you put your hand it and get it out". Plus some chat about Bas Vegas, sleeping in tents and Australian accents! So get your headphones on, sit back and just keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

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Running Order of Today's Episode:

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Toddler RnR (1:05)
  • Mentor Marky Mark introduction (2:38)
  • How long has it been since my last shower? (4:51)
  • Shitting in the bathtub (8:38)
  • The Hellraiser’s 18th birthday (10:58)
  • Washing your hands after going to the toilet (12:54)
  • How often do you re-wear clothes? (16:31)
  • Showers and sleeping in tents (18:44)
  • Running times and length of showers (21.07)
  • Vocab Round Up (22.19)

RnR Vocab:

Here's a list of the RnR Vocab to keep an eye out for in the episode:

  • Not all sunshine and rainbows here
  • Longest stretch without a shower
  • Thai people have upwards of 2 a day
  • Boiler broke
  • People have reverted to pre pandemic
  • Anything goes in your own home 
  • Track record in my house

RnR Grammar:

In today's episode I said "I realised (this morning) it had been 3 days since my last shower", notice the past perfect here as there are TWO actions in the past! The first "be 3 days" and the second "realise", as the first one happened first, this is moved to the Past Perfect so it becomes "it HAD BEEN 5 days since my last shower".

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