299 - A Story Off with Fabio from Stolaroid

We love stories here at RnR English and we are joined by Fabio from the Stolaroid podcast who loves a story too, so what do we do.... we tell stories! Some absolute beauties in here and also listen to why I'm like Homer Simpson! So sit back, put on the headphones and just keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Running Order of Today's Episode:

  • Introduction of the game. - 0:00
  • One minute and then stop. - 2:39
  • How to say thank you very much. - 5:58
  • Say no no no say no yes. - 11:43
  • What did you do after university? - 17:38
  • The potential of a meaningful ending. - 23:09
  • It's a sunny day and I'm not married. - 26:37
  • Coffee, TV and porn movie. - 31:35
  • The story of the blue movie and his parents. 34:11

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Links to Fabio's Stuff:

You can find Fabio's website HERE and his podcast episodes HERE - make sure you listen to the one about the Porn Detox Coach! ;)

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