300 - A Celebratory Podcast

A big (double) celebration in today's podcast as we celebrate Episode 300 and the birthday of a very important RnR English Team Member! But as always don't get too excited by this, go into the episode with low expectations and that way you'll DEFINITELY come out happy! Thanks a lot for the support over the years, if anyone has listened to all 300 episodes, I'll be very surprised (please tell me if you have, as that deserves a special mention)! But a big thank you again to everyone that follows the podcast and here's to the next 300! Keeeeeeeep on ROCKin'! 👊

Watch it on YouTube HERE.

RnR Vocab to Look Out For:

    • I'm your fodder
    • No review is putting a downer on this
    • Double whammy!
    • Very much keeping up with the previous 300 episodes with no plan
    • Don’t quote me on that statistic
    • Are we just dragging this podcast out too long?
    • It was great while it lasted
    • Instead of pacing inside the house, walking outside the house
    • Sometimes it’s difficult to connect the dots
    • It’s a bit of a hassle (your birthday)
    • He really is eager
    • It’s a slippery slope Mart (picture of kids on phone then t-shirts)
    • That ship’s sailed, Martin (I don’t want to hate you)
    • I invited my crew down

    Here's to the next 300 episodes!

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