301 - Family Life

Do you always sit at the same place when eating dinner at your house? This is just one of the many fundamental questions we ask about family life, but we also talk about SEXY cartoon characters, BRUTAL children, PRESSURE POOS and lots more! So get the headphones on, relax and just keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

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RnR Vocab to Look Out For:

  • Long time no speak
  • It’s been way too long
  • Family correspondent
  • Little jiggle
  • We’ve put this upon ourselves
  • In the CCF household
  • I go to the loo
  • She just started reception
  • We try to do little bits here and there
  • To have a meltdown
  • Discipline is not my forte
  • Breaking an ornament that cost £2
  • Pick your battles
  • You are wearing this and that is it!
  • How did my parents get away with putting me in that?
  • It is the epitome of early 90s
  • Top and bottoms that match
  • I fancied her a lot

    Running order of today's episode:

    • Reasons why people decide to have children (2:03)
    • Bathroom pressure and difficulties (5:28)
    • Discussion of a child named Willie and his behavior (6:45)
    • Managing eating with children (8:57)
    • Debunking the idea that TV is bad for children (10:04)
    • Benefits of eating carrots (13:08)
    • Differences in children today vs in the past (14:31)
    • Fear of getting caught doing something wrong (17:16)

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