309 - Subtitles or No Subtitles

Should you watch English films WITH or WITHOUT subtitles? I answer this question in today's podcast, so get your headphones on and keeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Here's what we talk about today:

1. *R&R Conversations*: Enjoy our bi-weekly segment featuring lively discussions with friends like Corporal Comer, The Hellraiser and so on, but then in other weeks we'll have a different type of podcast.

2. *Subtitles or No Subtitles?* We delve into a common question from listeners about whether watching films or TV series with subtitles aids language learning. Spoiler alert - if your goal is fluency, ditch those subtitles!

3. *Understanding Fast Speech*: Struggling to comprehend movies without subtitles despite knowing all the words on paper? Listen to see why.

4. *Jungle Listening Course*: Check out my online course that breaks down fast-spoken English for easier comprehension.

5. *Netflix Challenge*: Why you should start watching TV shows WITHOUT subtitles.

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