313 - The Crazy Language (and Stories) of the British Tabloids

In today's episode, we dive into the world of British tabloid newspapers with our special guest Gabriel from the Clark and Miller podcast. We discuss:

- The unique language usage in British tabloids.
- The cultural insights the tabloids offer despite their often humorous content.
- The strangest (and sexiest) adjectives you will ever hear.

Key discussion points include:

1. Tabloid Terminology: We dissect sentences containing typical tabloid terms not commonly used in daily conversation such as 'romp'.

2. Narrative Building: How tabloids use details like a person’s home value or attire to form public opinions about individuals involved in legal matters.

3. Anonymous Sources: Their role in journalism and the scepticism around their credibility.

4. Courtroom Sketches: Their importance due to photography restrictions inside courts despite their childlike quality.

5. Evolving Language Usage: Words losing original meanings over time through different usage (e.g., 'bitch') and strong words used for dramatic effect ('outraged', 'slammed').

6. Sensational Headlines & Exaggerated Language: Examination of attention-grabbing techniques employed by tabloids, including puns, sensational headlines, descriptions based on physical attributes, etc.

7. Terminology Around Relationships: Use of phrases like steamy love triangle vs throuple to depict relationships; how it reflects societal changes.

Don't miss this engaging exploration into UK culture through its popular print media!

    Where to Find Gabriel:

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    Gabriel's book is fantastic by the way, I even bought myself a copy and I love it! :)