314 - Embarrassing Things That Happen To All Of Us

Do a poo at someone's house and the toilet won't flush, car karaoke sessions, being left alone at a party, we cover it ALL (and more) in today's episode! So get the headphones on, get comfy and just keeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Pay attention to the following vocabulary today:

  • Back by popular demand
  • I was in a bit of a fluster
  • I don’t know if I signed up for this actually
  • I normally like to ease our way in
  • You can’t always pick and choose your moments
  • When nature calls
  • That’s a pretty low bar
  • It wasn’t a full on party, it was more of a gathering
  • You just go for it
  • I could see you belting out some Oasis and carried away
  • Purely at home in front of the mirror rapper
  • When an absolute belter comes on the radio
  • Singing my heart out
  • Getting cut off in mid conversation
  • Hope to strike up a conversation when getting food
  • How can you just leave me hanging?
  • And then he walked off
  • I wouldn’t have cut him off in such a brutal way
  • I would have let him down gently
  • If it had said that, I wouldn’t have been bothered
  • You chucked in the cat for free
  • If you just say “I don’t like this”, that’s not on
  • I’ve heard that’s where it really gets going

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