315 - The North South Divide with Anna from Speak Like a Native

Today we have a very special guest and I speak to a very special guest! Anna from Speak Like a Native joins us today and we speak about the North South divide in England where we look at the typical stereotypes - are people from the North friendlier? Are men from the South not "real men?" Is the weather in the North really worse than in the South? All of these questions are explored as well as much more, so get the headphones on and keeeeeeeep on ROCKin'! 👊

Look out for the following RnR Vocabulary:

    • I do get overwhelmed with messages
    • Good things come to those who wait
    • We have a staycation
    • I’m just priced out
    • Don’t take this as gospel
    • He knows how to put a cupboard together
    • Men scattered around the north of England
    • He’s very handy with a saw
    • Holding a hammer is an important job that is often overlooked
    • A tankard of beer
    • We were having difficulty even lifting them let alone drinking them
    • They were drinking us under the table
    • Everyone there was on a stag do or hen do
    • Local leisure centre
    • Seeing everyone on the beers
    • I pack a lot of layers
    • I’m not gonna be deceived

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