324 - Things That Make You Happy with Lindsay from All Ears English

Today we are joined by a very special guest as Lindsay from All Ears English joins us! We talk about all things happiness and Lindsay always shares some happiness wisdom with us with her Type 1 / Type 2 theory! Plus lots of stories in true RnR English fashion! So get on the headphones and just keeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

I was absolutely thrilled to finally have the chance to sit down with the incredible Lindsay McMahon. If you're not familiar with Lindsay and the All Ears English podcast, you have been living on Mars! ;.

I've been a massive fan of their show for years, and I've always admired Lindsay's passion, energy, and innovative approach to helping learners improve their English skills. When I reached out to her about a potential collaboration, I was over the moon that she agreed.

In this captivating episode, Lindsay takes us behind the scenes of how she and her co-hosts launched the All Ears English podcast back in 2013. But what really sets their show apart is their incredible "connection, not perfection" philosophy. Rather than focusing solely on grammar and vocabulary, they emphasize the importance of authentic communication and making genuine connections with other English speakers.

Lindsay shared so many insightful gems throughout our conversation. We dove into the collaborative nature of the ESL podcast community, and she even introduced me to the fascinating concept of "type two happiness" - the deep fulfillment that comes from challenging yourself, not just the superficial pleasures.

If you're an English learner or teacher looking to be inspired, motivated, and entertained, you absolutely cannot miss this episode. Lindsay's warmth, humor, and wealth of knowledge are guaranteed to leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle your language goals.

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