329 - How (Not) To Be Organised

If you're looking to get organised, this episode probably isn't the best advice you'll ever find! As we speak about how to constantly lose keys, selfish people having children, arriving on the train whilst nearly having a heart attack and lots more! So get the headphones on, get comfy and just keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊

Here is the RnR Email language that we discuss and the TRUE meaning of this expressions:

  • Yea they blimmin well are (so selfish)

  • Leaving me in the lurch, having kids - stop helping you

  • We’ve been very thin on the ground for reviews recently

  • I’m sure you were inundated with pokes

  • Kids have a meltdown

  • It’s a running joke in the CC household - joke used a continuously

  • Then I’m searching for said items

  • I put it down to the fact that I don’t have pockets

  • He’s just laid back

  • His other turn of phrase is “if you only leave it to the last minute, it only takes a minute”

  • You’ve got to hand something in on Friday at 3pm

  • I definitely cut corners when writing essays

  • I’m looking this up (notifications)

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