269 – Everybody Needs Good Neighbours 🏠🏠


How can you be a good neighbour? That’s what we look at today where we discuss big topics such as accepting Amazon parcels 📦, plant murderers 🗡️, the queen’s jubilee street parties 👑 and much more! So get your headphones on, sit back, enjoy the ride and keeeeeeeep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊


Keep an eye out for this RnR Vocab today:

  1. Get used to it

  2. It’s not a given – an established fact (hotel bed)

  3. All round wonderful person

  4. It’s common courtesy – polite

  5. Have you not even got the decency to put good in front of that – behaviour that is accepted

  6. If they get caught not doing that –

  7. The early riser

  8. Maybe we have craked it – finally understood (saying food)

  9. A moving in party / house warming party

  10. One thing I picked up on – I noticed

  11. The doorbell goes / this particular day the doorbell went

  12. Your tail is wagging

  13. They come round

  14. You help out your neighbour

  15. That’s the thing, I don’t have their number – to introduce an important fact / reason

  16. Go be social and mix in

  17. You’re such a ray of sunshine

  18. They might know someone that knows someone



RnR Grammar

In today’s episode, both S. Sabrina and I made some grammatical “errors”, I want to highlight this to show how what the text book tells you is a bit different from reality.

When talking about Amazon, S. Sabrina said “I try to buy as less as possible”, in reality, this should be “as little as possible” (as we should be an adjective here), but I must admit, I had to check that on Google that this was an “error”, because it is VERY common in normal every day language to use this!

Then it was my turn…

I said “it is one of those annoying whatsapp groups where you think I wish I wasn’t in this group“. Now after “I wish”, we put the past to talk about a present wish, but with the verb “to be” we should use “were”, so it should be “I wish I weren’t it”, but again, this is VERY common in everyday language!

So the message is, don’t worry about small grammatical errors, as even native speakers make them, but at the same time…. if you’re doing a grammar test at school, make sure you write the correct answers! 😉