Fluency via Pronunciation and Storytelling

Hi, it's Martin here and I'm MASSIVELY excited (as you can see in the picture) to tell you about my new course.

As usual, I know this page is terrible (I'm not a web designer)....

BUT.... I can promise you that this course will make a BIG difference to your fluency in English.

Read this page to find out more about my new course called Fluency via Pronunciation & Storytelling

Course Description in a Few Words:

On this course we will: 

  • Master all 44 sounds of English 
  • Identify muscle movements to make sounds (not just "say and repeat")
  • Find out sounds difficult for your specific nationality
  • Connect sounds into words 
  • Connect words into sentences 
  • Master connected speech 
  • Use poems to work on connected speech and rhythm so your speech is fluid and fluent
  • Use new spontaneous speaking techniques 
  • Master voice tone, speed and pauses to speak with impact via stories 

P.S. The course will be on Zoom, there will be 14 lessons and each lesson will be 75 minutes long. 

Here's what you'll be able to do by the end of the course:

- Be easily understood 
- Pronounce every sound in English Understand and use connected speech 
- Use rhythm and intonation in connected speech 
- Master voice tone, speed and pauses to speak with impact via stories

Course Details:

  • 14 Live Lessons of 75 Minutes (1 hour and 15 minute lessons)
  • Lessons will be 2 times a week (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Maximum 6 people in a class
  • Audio course (you will have access to a private podcast that will accompany the course)
  • After each lesson you will receive a video of the main points of the lesson

Course Summary:

Check out the programme below that we will use during the course:

Dates and Times:

There will be 3 courses, one at each of these times:

  • 7.00pm CET on Mondays and Wednesdays starting Mon 7 Nov / finishing Wed 21 Dec
  • 7.00pm CET on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Tues 8 Nov / finishing Thurs 22 Dec 
  • 1.30pm CET on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Tues 8 Nov / finishing Thurs 22 Dec 

Your Investment:

The cost of the course is €297 which covers:

  • 14 Live Lessons (17.5 hours in total, total cost is less than €17 an hour)
  • Lifetime access to audio lessons via private podcast 
  • Lifetime access to videos lessons
  • Specialised speaking exercises to do between lessons 
  • Personalised Feedback throughout course

This is unlike any other course that you have done in English, I promise!

Have a look what course graduates say about the course:

"I learned so much attending this course that I don't know from where to start... sounds, how to stress words, how to read the phonetic characters. Now I feel I have the tools to continue improving and communicate better!

Learning pronunciation via rhymes is so funny and easy to remember!

I felt so proud of myself when I watched the video of me telling the story.

I am 200% happy with this course!"

from Italy

"As a result of this course, my pronunciation has improved and also my confidence when speaking."

from France

"I now understand native speakers more easily as I understand connected speech."

from Russia

"This course was a real eye-opener for me, as I learned so many things that I didn't know such as how sounds change in fast speech.

The rhymes were fantastic and helped me improve a lot!

The storytelling was an exhilarating experience too"

from Japan

"Martin is a great teacher. The perfect combination of inspiration, pushing, helping and having fun"

from Germany

 ""I had no idea that I had been pronouncing sounds incorrectly for so long before this course! 

Finding out what sounds are difficult for our specific nationalities was a real WOW moment for me!
The real-time transcription programme Martin introduced to us is fantastic and a great way to continue practising!

I told all the rhymes in the shower and in the car.... this course deserves more than I paid for it!"

from Germany

"The podcasts were great, as I could listen to them and practise pronunciation in my car having fun.

I particularly enjoyed the group rhymes we told together and I like watching the video back!"

from France

"I have studied English for many years, but I became more fluent in this course"

from Italy

"The mouth movements we learned really helped me find the correct pronunciation.

The video lessons were great to recap what we studied and I loved repeating rhymes with the podcasts! I even repeated the rhymes in bed on my own! :)

The storytelling part really helped me to take away the "uhmmms" from my speech.

Martin is the best English teacher I've ever met as he teaches in a constructive way, but also gives you the tools and motivation to practise alone.

This course is definitely worth the money!"

from Italy

"Knowing what to do with my lip and tongue, really helped me with the difficult sounds. I have now realised that I have been pronouncing many words incorrectly!

This course was truly amazing!"

from Ukraine

"I was struggling with pronunciation for a long time as it's super confusing know a word, you know how it's written, but you have no idea how to pronounce it.

This isn't a problem anymore, as I can now check the phonetic script which I now understand.

I can now also understand native speakers much easier now that I did before the course"

from Russia

"The way Martin runs the course is very engaging and he's able to make you more confident with your speaking skills.  

I liked and enjoyed the final challenge that's to tell a story to the class. After the initial embarrassment I found my own rhythm and fluency.  

I highly recommend this course because it really does make a difference"

from Italy

Links to Buy the Course:

Click the link for the time that best suits you:

There are 24 places in total available (now 16). The last time I ran the course there were 30 places available and they sold out in 4 days, so make sure you book your space quickly!

Common Questions

What's the minimum English level needed to do the course?
As the course is focused on pronunciation, it is suitable for anyone that has an intermediate level or higher (so B1 or higher). As for the storytelling part of the course, you can adapt your story to your level.  

Will lessons be recorded?
Yes, after each lesson I will send you a recording of the main points so you can watch it again. I won't send the whole recording of the lesson (as it will be too long and there will be lots of useless parts), I will make a separate recording to send to you after each lesson. So even if you attended the lesson, you can study the material again.  There will also be an audio part of the course as you will have access to a private podcast and there will be "audio exercises" to do.      

Will there be homework? How long will it take?  
Yes there will be homework, but it will mainly be done via audio and a repetition of some of the rockin' rhymes that we study in class. The point of these rhymes is that they get "stuck in your head", like a song that you listen to that you sing all day. But by "singing" these rhymes, you will be constantly working on your pronunciation. You will also receive a podcast with these rhymes, so you can practise on the go just by listening to the podcast.

The only "real" piece of homework is the final project that is telling a story. I give you some stories and you choose the one you want to tell. We will work on this a lot in the lessons, so you will not need to practise too much outside of the lessons, but it will be good to practise when you're on the go (maybe in the car when you're driving to work!)