RnR Stories

The Story Behind a Book of Stories....

Many months ago, during a "Chit Chat" with the RnR Family (the community behind the podcast), a girl from Poland told us a hilarious story that involved dogs, naked people and poos (the story is in the book, I won't spoil it!)...

And I thought to myself, "I would love to share that story with everyone... and I bet everyone has some great stories to share!"  

So 25 members of the group shared their "RnR Stories" with me.  

You may ask yourself "what is an RnR Story?", well...  

An RnR Story is many things, but it is NOT boring.  

In fact, the stories in this eBook / Podcast are true, funny, shocking, disturbing, disgusting, inspiring and many more things, but....  

...they are NOT boring.  

Now we are sharing these stories with you via an eBook and Podcast.  

Our idea was always to sell the eBook and Podcast for charity, then something happened in the world....

Who will this Book Help?

A member of the RnR English Family comes from Ukraine and has had to send his wife and daughter to a different country to keep safe.

Our original plan was to raise money for his family, but luckily, his family are now safe.

However, we know that there are many other families like his, so we have created this eBook and Podcast to help raise money for Ukrainian refugees.

So is it an eBook or Podcast?

It is both. When you download the eBook, on page 3, you will find instructions about how to get access to the podcast that contains all 25 stories (with transcripts that you will be able to read on your phone whilst you listen).  

How much does it Cost?

It costs €10 and all the money received will go to Ukrainian families (we had originally planned to send it to Ukranian Refugees, but then we found a wonderful organisation called Grace Tea that send 100% of the money they receive to families and refugees, so the money is spread out).

Can I "try before I buy"?

Yes of course, in fact please do. You can read the introduction and first story HERE. There is also the option to listen to the first story.

How can I Buy it?

As I'm not so good with technology, I don't know how to automatically email you the book, so read this part CAREFULLY (it's very simple though).... After you insert your credit details and click "Pay", you will see this screen....

You will only see this screen ONCE so you MUST click it and download it!

Now you are ready to buy the eBook and Podcast, which you can do by clicking the link below....

Our goal is to raise €5,000, so please help us reach it! So far, we have donated more than $1,500. See the photos below: